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NTP Motorsport - UK's largest Tillett Stockist

We are the UKs largest stockist of Tillett car seats. We try to keep in stock 4- 6 seats of each model variation whether carbon or GRP and immediately order to replace seats that are sold.  This way we normally have the seat you want in stock or worse case on back order with a short lead time. The stock numbers on the website update automatically and should be correct. This avoids the factory lead time of typically 10 to 16 weeks.  If a seat is showing out of stock or special order please contact us for a lead time. We only sell Tillett car seats as we think they are the clear market leader and we can offer the best customer service this way.  We have been selling the seats for more than 10 years. It all started when our founder, David Birch, needed a seat for his Westfield and the Tillett B5 was the best option.  Only problem was back then no-one held any in stock and the factory lead time was several months. A quick conversation with Steve Tillett and we were welcomed as a stocking dealer.

We have a small showroom with each seat mounted in a frame.  You are welcome to visit by appointment and try the seats for size and chat with us about what bests suits your application.  It's always interesting to meet fellow enthusiastic owners and to discuss your projects. We have supplied seats for cars, simulators, robot cars, stunt drivers, aircraft, disabled surf boards. We are happy to sell to members of the public, race car preparation businesses and OEM manufacturers.  We are able to offer trade discount.  We are happy to ship in the UK and around the world. Only UK orders can be placed online. Please contact us if you need a quote for shipping outside the UK.

We do not offer a fitting service but by appointment we have space to allow you to bring your car to us and into the warehouse and try a seat in the car.

New B10 Seat

The NEW B10

Tillett B10 car seat for road and track

  • Driver is connected positively to the tyres and road surface
  • Saloon car seating angle
  • B6 based shape with swept away sides for easy vehicle access and road seat belts
  • Strength and rigidity of a twin skin moulding
  • 4.5kg, weights can vary by 10% 
  • Choice of high gloss carbon/GRP, or black gloss GRP finish 
  • Driver is lowered compared to standard saloon seats
  • Suits drivers up to 100 kg 36 inch jeans waist size
  • Compatible with road seat belts or race harness and a 20° Hans device (5 or 6 point race harness recommended)
  • Stainless steel side mounting points
  • Dinamica® covered headrest panel included as standard. 
  • Option of cushion and back panels covered in Dinamica® suede
  • Panel set weight is approximately 1kg and is recommended for road use
  • Body mirroring shape is comfortable without padding
  • A great option for open top cars and harsh environments
  • Compatible with Tillett 2° side mount brackets 
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

The B10 seat is stylish, lightweight, rigid and compact. It is based on our popular B6 race shape but modified to be more convenient as a daily driver. The B6 has always been a great seat for those that liked a low head position with an enveloping and ultra supportive shape, but often the race type belt holes were awkward when trying to feed a factory three point seat belt through. The B10’s cut away sides allow convenient use of the stock belts with the added benefit that getting in and out of the seat is also easier. However, we have been careful to make sure that the support of the driver is not compromised.  The front of the seat kicks up a little more than the B6, which not only aids drivers with longer legs but also helps if the seat were to be angled to a more upright position. A more upright seat allows a comfortable arm length in saloon cars, where the steering column cannot be extended, or lengthened towards the driver. The headrest height has been raised over the B6 seat so that a driver with a long torso does not run out of headrest support.

The B10 has been given a modern fresh look and although its highly technical laminate is rigid and tough, it weighs only 4.5 kg. The seat comes complete with a Dinamica® suede covered headrest pad. The optional suede covered cushion and back panels add 1 kg and are recommended when the car is intended for mainly road use. 

The B10 can also use a full six point race harness and is Hans compatible for those with a serious track car.  The seat uses our latest FIA seat fittings to make certain it is mounted securely and can use all of our 2° bracket range.

New Brackets for MX5 NA - ND

MX5s are fantastic cars and increasingly used as a great low cost entry point into track days, sprints and hill climbs.

The standard seats however are very thick and raised and limit taller drivers especially when a helmet needs to be worn roof up.

We have designed brackets to allow our seats to be fitted to all MX5s.

In their lowest setting they will allow a 6'4" driver to get comfortable in the car wearing a helmet.

Photos below show a B8 seat fitted into a 2007 NC that is being used this year in the Midland Speed Championship. The 3 point seat belt was retained.  Please note that you will need to fit a resistor to cancel the airbag light and this may not pass an MOT test or be legal on the road depending upon your local legislation.

Please contact us for further information.

Specials and Offers

We offer a 10% discount on any pair of seats and any brackets or pads when ordered at the same time.  Please use code PAIR10 at checkout.  Please also keep an eye out for our specially discounted seats.  They might be discounted as end of line or because we just have a bit too much stock from time to time but will be brand new stock.  Occasionally we will list returned or factory second or damaged items.  These will be clearly described as such and usually with a photo of any visible marks.