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The B3.5 / B6.5 Ultralight Race Car Seats

B3.5 Carbon/GRP shown below
The B3.5 Race Car Seat

The B3.5 and B6.5 are thin ultra lightweight single skin car seat shell to fit in the narrowest of vehicles.

Both are available in Carbon / GRP and Black / GRP versions and comes with 6 special mounting bolts and Dinamica ® suede headrest pad.

The B3.5 uses the front moulding of a B4 and the B6.5 the front moulding of a B6 and is therefore more upright.

By using this light flexible shell it is possible to use the B4 / B6 shape in vehicles where the vast majority of sports/race seats would simply not fit. The belt holes in the B3.5 allow a full racing harness to be used (a 5 or 6 point harness is recommended on an inclined seat)

Due to its very thin and light construction (2.1kg for the Carbon / GRP version) this seat needs to be used in a vehicle where the seat can be supported high up on the sides and at the headrest. This can be either from the vehicle itself, if it has a roll bar and bulkhead, or from a metal support frame constructed by the customer.

The seat is supplied with a Dinamica ® suede covered headrest pad as standard and can also be supplied with matching back and cushion panels at extra cost.
Registered Community Design (000922950-0001)

Dimensions and prices are available here:
Description Covers Price (excl. VAT)
B3.5 / B6.5 Carbon/GRP Race Car Seat Head Pad £405
B3.5 / B6.5 Black GRP Race Car Seat Head Pad £341
Two panel set for the B3.5 / B6.5 seat covered in black Dinamica suede Back and Base £208